King George Parent Advisory Council
Meeting Minutes
February 7, 2017

Meeting started 7:00 PM

In attendance:
Tim Philps, Chair
Jen Moorhead, Treasurer
Jason Lauzon, Principal
Adele Esnault, Teacher Liaison
Approximately 5 parents 

1. Treasurer Report

·         Pending $11000 in account waiting to be disbursed by June 30 as authorized.

·         $5204 YTD disbursed

2. Principals Report: Jason Lauzon

·         Teachers on call shortage, given so many hiring’s by the VSB there is a shortage of substitute teachers which will continue for the remainder of the year. Other teachers and principal are covering when a teacher is absent. There may be times when we cannot cover a class if there are several teachers off at the same time. Every effort will be made to ensure all classes have teacher and or principal supervision.

·         KG has been approved to get a new roof, timeline is pending. KG site also being considered for full renovation with the community center however this could be several more years before anything is approved. 

·         Hydro substation at Lord Roberts Annex which requires upgrading; parents can voice concerns they may have to the VSB/Government website.

·         Senior Boys Basketball won city finals and now off to the Provincials in Langley.

·         Mini School next year will be called Enriched MYP & Leadership Mini. Tech Immersion program will no longer continue.  45 grade 8’s will be a part of this new mini program.  Jason Lazon to be the primary teacher liaison for this program.

·         MYP: Mr. Beden who has left the school to pursue another role at a new school Mr. Patrick Wilbin is taking over this post for MYP teacher liaison

·         Several new teachers have been hired at KG: drama, and another support teacher these positions have been filled.

·         Vinci Kam new teacher rep for LINK

·         MYP Fair upcoming, grade 10’s will present their personal projects.

·         Balanced Calendar school year proposed and sister elementary schools very interested.  Will require more discussion and meetings going forward:  3 months on 1 month off

Meeting adjourned: 8:00 PM

Next PAC meeting Tuesday, March 7, 2017 at 7:00PM
King George Library