King George Parent Advisory Council
Meeting Minutes
May 2, 2017

Meeting started 7:00 PM

In attendance:
Tim Philps, Chair
Jen Moorhead, Treasurer
Jason Lauzon, Principal
Adele Esnault, Teacher liaison
Approximately 3 parents 

1. Treasurer Report

  • Pending funds unclaimed approximately $1900

  • Proposal to resolve amounts owing to KG from PAC and close account outstanding for $3500 as full and final payment. 

    • Proposed: all in favour in the room, accepted by principal and sponsor teacher.

    • Funds paid to school, with letter of acknowledgment signed and held on file. Receipt to be provided by secretary and kept in PAC records.

2. Principals Report: Jason Lauzon

  • Staffing: posting will be out May 3.  12 postings at King George for next year.

  • MYP marks out today: following more stringent marking and criteria, assessments had to have specific commentary and mitigation to support marks assigned, because of this overall average was slightly lower than previous years.

  • Community Breakfast: May 2 to celebrate MYP award winners from last year.  Certificates were handed out.

  • GRAD fundraising for banquet: Grads held a car wash last week. Ceremony and Banquet on June 12, Vancouver Playhouse and Pan Pacific

  • Basketball Alumni game vs. Senior Boys Thursday May 4.  We will also have grade 7 boys from Elsie Roy and Lord Roberts play Senior Boys.

  • May 18: Mr. Lauzon to meet with King George Ladies Group to discuss future funding initiatives for the school. 

  • KG Gym: to be rented through the West End Community Center which will provide some additional funding to the school moving forward.

  • West End Community Center: would like to work more closely with the school, looking for ways to collaborate within the community for potential donations and corporate involvement and sponsorship.  Mr Lauzon to coordinate with programmer and brain storm some ideas for financial aid.  Possible ideas would be funding a computer lab or ongoing scholarships.

3. PAC executive for next year 2017/2018 

  • Shared responsibilities of Chair, Treasurer and Secretary:  Jen Moorhead, Laura Main, Tomoko Nakabayashi:  voted/all in favor/approved.

Meeting adjourned: 8:00 PM

Next PAC meeting Tuesday, September 12, 2017 at 7:00PM
King George Library