KG PAC meeting

November 13, 2018

7:00 to 8:00 pm in the KG library
Vice Principal, Teacher rep, two PAC executives and 9 parents presented

 Welcome and introductions.

 Vice Principal’s Report (Mr. Godfrey)

-Oct, hosted Grade 7 info night, successful

-Expecting waitlist for Grade 7 again next year

-Also hosted a mini school info night for Grade 7. Received feedback that parents and students would like the mini program extended from Grade 9 to Grade 10. Extension not feasible for 2019/2020, but will explore for 2020/2021 through consultation with staff and VSB.

-Parent and Teacher conferences last week. 50% of appointments booked within the first 36 hours.  Reminder that those appointments are not the only opportunity to consult or meet teachers, all of the teachers’ email addresses are online and parents are encouraged to contact the faculty. Mr. Godfrey acknowledged the limitations and challenges of the booking system.

- 250 students attended Halloween Dance.  Great atmosphere.  Students had the choice to go to class or the dance.

-Year Book is normally done through an elective but not enough interest so the course was cancelled. No teacher sponsor to support as an extracurricular activity. Principal and Vice Principal met with the professional school photographers,  and were able to come to an agreement to create a yearbook for Grade 12 students only as this was felt most important. Monies already paid by other students will be refunded.

-Graduation.  A parent info session will be held shortly.

-Report cards. Every student received an interim report card in November. Published on My Education BC website. Child should have password. If any parents cannot access it please contact the school. Instructions on how to access it are on King George’s website.  Reports out 2nd week in December.

-In 2019, PAC meetings will move to the 2nd Wednesday of the month, or only in April when a parent workshop is planned. To be confirmed.

-Jesse Miller (presentation on social media, internet and electronics).  Showcases the differences between use in elementary and high school.  PAC meeting then presentation, Wednesday, April 10th.  Still working on a venue.

-Still working on different presentation for January/February.

  Parent question

-Filming in school. Company pays 50% to the school, 50% to VSB.

 Teacher Comment

-Parent Teacher night was successful and well received.
-$13,400 in fund requests



-Direct Appeal Update. $2000 from 15 families. Reminder was sent.

-Next meeting will be for budget.

-Need executives for 2019/2020.

-Jennifer, Tomoko and Karen were elected for 2018/2019.  All in favor.

-DPAC. Tomoko Nakabayashi will be the representative, all in favor.

-Presentation on mental health in Oct. SACY is having upcoming presentation. Email will be sent out as they arise (mentioned by Mr. Godfrey)

 Next meeting: December 4th at 7:00 pm in KG library