PAC Meeting Nov. 7, 2017

 Direct Appeal:

Emails and paper handouts have been sent.

School to send one final reminder email:

To date: Donations: 15 donations. = $2453

 Gaming Grant funds received Oct. 5


 Balances in PAC accounts:

Gaming: $9422.98

General: $16.48

 Approximate Budget to work with $11000

 Dec. 5 to be designated as PAC Budget Meeting

All requests from teachers and school to be submitted for review by Nov. 27

 Sacy: provide service to parents, students and teachers:

Workshops to run 2 days. Templeton, John Oliver and King George

-topics range from substance abuse and health education; help students understand and educate for choices.. focus is on grade 8-12

 Capacity Café: students and parents participate. Facilitated by Sacy leaders.

Feb. 7   7-9   contact the school to secure a spot at the workshop.

 Teacher Report:

Volleyball: Junior girls made finals, good teams and participation levels.

 Other potential teams for this year:



 Remembrance Day Presentation:  Will be primarily student led.

 Grade 8 elective rotation to begin next week:

 Principal Report:

Minim school: grade 8 - Oct 27

9 mini school students to Elsie Roy present to grade 5-7 student did an amazing job presented to students.

 Nov 1 Mini School: event to be held for next year grade 8’s.  Students spoke to parents about expectations for the program at King George

Halloween Dance: huge success, student council organized minimal cost supervision provided by teachers. 

Teacher Wish list: PAC budget meeting next month.

 School Fees: to day 70% have been paid. 

 Next PAC meeting Dec 5 (focus on Budget)


PAC Meeting Dec. 5, 2017

 DA $3164

Gaming $9422

Total $12626

 Budget approved.  $11150

 Pending $1400

 Triathlon: request submitted pending further information from Ms. Birks.

 Ping Pong Tables: pending $1000 if at the end of the year additional funds available.

 Drama & Music will have their own rooms renovated so each department has their own space

 Dance class:  more course offerings next year for grade 9-12

 Music to offer jazz band

 Jan 16 PAC will host a speaker at the regular monthly meeting.

 Next Meeting scheduled Jan 16


PAC Meeting Jan. 16, 2018


DA $3325 to VSB to issue tax receipts pending funds return to PAC will mail out to parents.  

 Some funds disbursed: Interact, math, Library Club, First nations.

 Slow activity time for finances.

 New payment process next year;.  School Cash Online

 All payments for school activities and events including school fees and donations will be processed through this site moving forward.

 Information sessions at King George Jan. 23 for Elsie Roy, Crosstown, and Lord Roberts:.

Teachers in the morning

Students in the afternoon

Parents in the evening

Basketball:  games are very popular with students and reflect a great sense of school spirit and community.

Student Council working on organizing a spring dance.

School Play:  will take place in May, auditions for roles begin next week.  will be a cast of approximately 12

Interact: Rotary Club to look for additional funding: Jordan and Allison to present needs of the school to Rotary next week.

Grad Planning has begun: ceremony, venue, 80 grads this year: June 14 Vancouver Playhouse and reception at the Georgia Hotel.

 Intake for next year grade 8 mini school:  67 applicants for 28 spots.

 KG aim from elementary feeder schools to keep kids in community and come to King George vs. transferring to other high schools in the city.

 Speaker to come to next meeting March 6 to discuss post-secondary education and career planning 

 Capacity Café is April 19

 Next PAC meeting scheduled for March 6


PAC Meeting March 6, 2018

School Trustees visit to KG:  a kitchen issue, need repairs floor is cracked and lack of computers and laptops in the school are priorities.

 Senior Boys Basketball Team has made provincials again this year; tournament will be in Langley next week.

School Cash Online: up and running login instructions available. Reminder this is the only process for paying school fees.

Grad Planning/Committee:  majority of fees have been paid.  Those grads that cannot afford the fees will be subsidized by the school. 

 Allan Maugh: VPD and is King George school liaison officer.

 Online Safety for grade 7-11

 Next PAC meeting April 10


 PAC Meeting Tuesday April 4, 2018

 Treasurer Report:  more funds being distributed still have several large ticket items pending.  Balance $8253

 Total funds disbursed ytd $7800

 Principal Report:

Underfunded scholarships / Jason to advise PAC via email the specifics of these scholarships and provide more details so that we can discuss further and vote next month if we can support all or partial amount of these funds.   $2300

 Further discussion in regards to funds outstanding to PAC as well. Hold over to next month for further discussion and vote as a PAC.

 Report cards are now available on line to parents. There are no longer paper based report cards distributed to the children.  Parents to ensure they are aware of log in and password all students have received this.

 Students  grades 8-11 will be required to complete a self-evaluation by the end of the year.  Template will be provided to them to reflect on their year.

 11 teachers will be leaving KG at the end of this school year; retirement, transfer or personal leave.   This provides a great opportunity to the school to bring in new teachers with new ideas and potential. 

 Next meeting Tuesday May 2 2017 7:00PM


PAC Meeting June 5, 2018


General:  $3076

Gaming:  $3511

 To date: $8738 funds disbursed

Approx. $1600 has not been claimed

French, QSA, Student Council, Peer Tutoring, MYP

 Hersie will contact these teacher resp’s to review funds requested and if funds are no longer needed look to transfer to another group that is in need Triathlon expenses.

 New vice principal named for next year: Paul Godfrey

 Alana Pierce has been names new Art Teacher teaching fine arts and music.

 Ms. Doudra is retiring this year

Jennifer Cartwright will be leaving KG

Kat Zeller not returning next year, her job will be posted.

 Math-pending posting to be filled

Ms. Enault returning from maternity leave in September.  Teaches French

 Athletics Banquet will be held on the day of the Triathlon June 19

 Grad: June 14  -school session ends at 1:30 that day. Reverse collab.

 Last day of classed June 22

June 25-28 students not required in class unless they have an exam.

 Numeracy Tests for grade 11 this year.  This will be required for all grade 12’s moving forward.  Government issued test.