King George Parent Advisory Council

Meeting Minutes

October 18, 2016 


Meeting started 7:00 PM

In attendance:
Tim Philps, Chair
Jen Moorhead, Treasurer

Jason Lauzon, Principal
Adele Esnault, Teacher Liaison
Approximately 10 parents

1. Student lead presentation: Interact Club 

  • Interact Club: student lead group within KG motivated to get students more involved
  • Service club sponsored by The Rotary Club, Vancouver Sunrise Division. 
  • Interact is the youngest version of Rotary Club, encourages awareness to parents, students to be a part of a cause and mission. Ages range from 12-18
  • Same focus for KG Interact Club: Clothing Drive, Bake Sale, Can Drive all fundraising opportunities to raise awareness and money for various charities of focus. 
  • Currently looking for ways to gain more exposure within the school and recruit more interest and participation from grade 8/9 students. 

2. Guest Speaker: Spencer Herbert, MLA Vancouver West End 

  • Critic for the opposition for tourism, culture and arts
  • Current focus within the West End is to build community within childcare, affordable housing, schools
  • Overcrowding at KG and some elementary schools in the downtown core. 

2. Treasurer Report  

  • Summary of Direct Appeal: September – October donations collected $3825.00 29 online and 5 paper dropped off to the office.
  • Gaming Grant still pending, expected to received approximately$10000will follow up at next meeting on status.
  • Approximately $3000 funds held over and not spent from last year PAC funds. 
  • November PAC meeting will be devoted to working through budget and teacher requests as to how best allocate funds for this school year. 2016/2017 

3. Principals Report: Jason Lauzon 

  • Focus to ensure students are not affected by underfunding and budget cuts within the VSB. 
  • Tech Emersion within KG reflects declining enrolment year over year, looking to find ways to reenergize the program and broaden the focus to ensure this ‘mini school’ within KG can continue to run and generate interest and increase attendance for KG.
  • New Curriculum.  Very similar to the IB program which KG has been participating in for some time. Adjustments will have minimal impact on teachers and students. 
  • Upcoming activities: MAAD presentation to students
  • Social Media Awareness – speaker planned for an assembly
  • Remembrance Day Ceremonies – student lead this year
  • Halloween Dance – Oct 31 during school hours to encourage school spirit and 100% participation.  $2 per ticket.  

4. Teachers Report:  Adele Esnault 

  • Training sessions at BCTF, information provided in regards to recent firing of the Vancouver School Trustees – still unclear as to why this happened, trustees being replaced by one administration position.  Rally Oct 23 at John Oliver
  • Some websites to gain more information on this matter: BCTFFACE PAN 


Meeting adjourned: 8:00 PM

Next PAC meeting Tuesday, November 15th, 2016 at 7:00PM
King George Library