King George PAC Meeting Minutes

Tuesday Oct. 2 2018

Gaming Application processed: confirmation received amount of $11,640 to be deposited within the next 10 days.
Balance of accounts:  Gaming $445 General $867
Pending gaming funds of $11640

Wish list from teachers to be received by PAC by Oct 31 will review for budget next PAC meeting Nov. 6 2018

Motion to add PAC executive member Karen Kew whom replaces Laura Main:
All in favor:  Yes/ Passed Unanimous.

Karen to replace Laura on BMO PAC accounts, arrangements to be made to amend signatures; maintain any 2 to sign:
Jennifer Moorhead
Tomoko Nakabayashi
Karen Kew

Direct Appeal: changed to fundraising requirements and ability for PAC to issue tax receipts now required all DA fundraising to be administered by the school with donations made via School Cash Online website.  Funds must be maintained and distributed by the school.  Previous was run through PAC via PayPal.

All in favour to continue with DA campaign for this year: Yes: Passed:

Request from feeder elementary schools to collaborate on a few PAC meetings throughout the year, combine meetings.  Elsie Roy and Lord Roberts meetings held on 2nd  Wed. of the month.
KG agrees to try this as a test for 1 or 2 meetings this year beginning in January 2019 dates TBD

Principal Report:

KG continues to support school wide effort for cell phones to be put away during class time unless the teacher authorizes and phones are being used as part of classroom work/activities. 

Indigenous Awareness:  part of curriculum and a goal as a school wide commitment.
Platform  to encourage staff to engage in more discussions about indigenous awareness and has become an expectation of the government of BC. 

Principal and Vice Principal have more presence in the hallways before and after school connecting with students daily. 

Focus on attendance and students arriving on time/reduction to late arrivals has been noticed this year.

School Cash Online: 78% of parents have created accounts, this is very positive. All fees and now Direct Appeal donations are to be paid via this format.

30 desk top computers: revitalized for teacher use.
Room 307
Room 312
Designated as computer labs.

Sep.28 Inter Agency Meeting was held at KG and moderated by Mr. Godfrey
School support workers
Continue to focus on commitment to students identify those in need of more resources and support.

Mr. Lazon to look into IPADS and their upkeep.  Comments from a parent that the IPADS do not always work.

Community School Teams
Oct 23  grade 7 visits to KG students and parents for open house
Focus our school and positive qualities to elementary students and parents.  7:00PM KG

Halloween Dance: scheduled last block Oct 31 all to participate. 

New Curriculum: grade 10 now implemented.
Planning replaces Career Planning
More changes implemented next year.

Next meeting confirmed for Tuesday Nov. 6 2018 at 7:00PM KG Library.