PAC Meeting September 11, 2018

 Gaming Grant: approx. $9000 equates to $20 per student

 Direct Appeal: only other source of funding, approx. $4000 per year on average.  Have done a DA for the past 3 years.

 School Cash Online: new format to pay all school fees and contribute and donate to the school. This would be the source for making contributions to a DA.

How can we generate more interest for parents to attend regular monthly PAC meetings this year?


PAC meetings are a way to stay informed from the principal each month

Communicate with other parents in the school

Stay connected to what is going on in the school, upcoming events, changes activities, staffing  

PAC is a support to the teachers and school as well as students.

Reactive to needs

No Fundraising or volunteering is required

In the past PAC has contributed and funded many different initiatives and programs:

Scholarships and grants
Athletic equipment
Leadership programs
Student council
Sports uniforms
Extracurricular activities

Need a minimum of 3 parents to commit to PAC executive.  Current parents will be leaving the school at the end of this year as children are in grade 12

Monthly meetings can be what you want them to be:

Speakers from outside, teacher presentations, student presentations. Youth workers, RCMP, local MP. 

Look to join elementary schools for some speaker events throughout the year.

Lord Roberts
Elsie Roy

Focus this year for Teachers is Digital Responsibility.

Social media usage and how to responsibly use it.

Speaker event set for Sep. 25: Raisin Digitally Responsible Children

Churchill Secondary

Oct 11 Student Mental Health forum to be held at King George

Collaboration Days: 1 Friday per month.

Tutorial: 3 Fridays per month

School officially is in session at 10AM

Tutorial days children are encourage coming to school at normal time and seeking help or completing homework.

Next meeting Oct. 2

Meetings are held the 1st Tuesday of every month.