King George Parent Advisory Council
Meeting Minutes
September 12, 2017

Meeting started 7:00 PM

PAC Executive:

Jen Moorhead
Laura Main
Tomoko Nakabayashi

22 parents in attendance for first PAC meeting of the year.

Mr. Lazon – KG Principal

PAC is a very good way for parents to connect and be informed about activities, find out about different initiatives and general school functions and goings on.

PAC teacher rep this year is Ms. Hersley – new teacher to KG teaching PE and Drama also coaching volleyball and dance class.

Spring Play this year, anyone is welcome to try out for the play.

6 kids will be going to New York for workshop and attend the Broadway Musical Hamilton. Ms. Hersley to chaperone the trip.

New music teacher Alana Pierce, previous taught at Lord Roberts elementary school.

West End Community Center collaborates with KG supporting the school creating partnerships within the community.  Shared facility gym/rooms. 

School Start Up – Summary:

Class size composition continues to be a challenge, class sizes smaller, high demand for teachers as a result, significant staff new hires this year.

Online Payment for school fees delayed until Sep. 20

All payments are to be made online. 

Minimal Budget this year

PAC does not have a fundraising platform; PAC is primarily reactive to support as much as possible and be a resource for parents to get information ongoing throughout the year.

Assist grade 8 parents the first month to ensure they have information and recourses for themselves and their children within KG.

Various Clubs available:

Year Book
Student Council
Grad Council
Sports Teams
Cross Country

Gym is open every day at lunch hour for open play which is supervised

MYP projects for grade 10: Fair to be held in May.

Photo Day September 28

CAT: Canadian Achievement Testing.  Grade 8’s to participate.  Does not count for any grade or mark; it is just a way to access students.

School Goal: Technology.  Responsible technology within the school.

Staff currently reviewing the policy for smart phones, ipads within the school and how to ensure children are using safely and responsibly. 

Oct 6 -  Clubs Daya way for kids to find out the various clubs and groups that are available for them to participate in.

Interact: collaborates and sponsored by Rotary Club

Fine Arts Gala Spring – way for school to showcase art work at the end of the year.

Outdoor space: concerns brought up about lack of outdoor areas for the kids to hang out.  There is nowhere to sit or congregate.  Would be nice to offer benches and or covered area for kids to have.  Some challenges with this given the location and area, concerns with vagrants etc.

Parking space behind the school and inactive outdoor basketball may provide an opportunity to develop this are for the kids; to discuss further at future meetings.

Next PAC meeting Tuesday, October 3, 2017 at 7:00PM
King George Library