King George Parent Advisory Council

Meeting Minutes
September 13th, 2016


Meeting started 7:00 PM

In attendance:

Tim Philps, Chair
Jen Moorhead, Treasurer
Jason Lauzon, Principal
Adele Esnault, Teacher Liaison
Approximately 18 parents 

1. Opening Remarks  

  • Parents introduced themselves around the room.
  • Opening remarks from PAC Chair Tim Philps – provided overview of purpose, functions, and responsibilities of the PAC. 

2. Treasurer Report  

  • General Acct/Gaming Account: balance carried over from previous school year $3400.00
  • Gaming Grant: application submitted June 2016, pending receipt which typically is deposited by Sep 30. $20 per student from the previous school year.
  • Direct Appeal: pending for the next 2 months.
  • Upon funds from Direct Appeal and Gaming, will review and vote on teacher submissions for designation of PAC funds for the 2016/2017 year.  

3. Principals Report: Jason Lauzon 

  • Focus on Communication for students, teachers and parents. 
  • KG Website is being updated and would like input, assistance in ensuring all information and links are current and accurate. 
  • Newsletter is currently on the website under the MYP tab.
  • Voice mail system in place and a good way to communicate upcoming events for parents, additionally if any concerns or questions feel free to call the school office directly.
  • Website icon ‘Calendar’ provides the full school schedule for all holidays, events, class schedules is also available on the Website. 
  • Some students still facing challenges with timetable hope to have all this resolved within the upcoming week. Thank you for patience in this matter.
  • Link Crew /Leadership program participated in grade 8 student and parent orientation prior to the beginning of school this was a very successful endeavour and benefitted new grade 8’s coming into the school, to ease anxiety for the start of high school.
  • Grade Assembly’s completed; this format allows message and expectations be set for individual grades and differs greatly between age and grade of students.
  • School fees are to be paid online via School Day website.  If for some reason you cannot pay online please make arrangements with the office secretary.
  • Have been offered to participate in pilot with VSB for paperless report cards this year.  PAC agrees to participate in this pilot. 

4. Teachers Report:  Adele Esnault 

  • MYP information session Sep. 15 2016 after grade 8 welcome BBQ and Dance
  • November PAC meeting will be deadline for teachers to submit funding requests. 


Meeting adjourned: 8:10 PM 

Next PAC meeting Tuesday, October 4th, 2016 at 7:00PM
King George Library